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Struggling with documentation : how to send specific data and display it on the dashboard




As a third-party developer, I'm working for a client and I need to implement Dynatrace to the application we are building.


I've never heard of Dynatrace before and I'm struggling with the documentation.


We are already using Matomo to track user actions and send specific data using events.


In Dynatrace, it seems to be different. With the documentation, I understand that we can use User Actions to track hitted buttons but : 


  • How can we send specific data like an array (or a stringified array) of values ? And display it in the dashboard ?
  • How can we send specific data like a key-value after a button was hitted ? And display it in the dashboard ?


An example of what I send to Matomo for you to understand what I need :



window._paq.push(['trackEvent', 'FirstResultClicked', 'Rank', 2);



trackEvent : type of notification to Matomo

FirstResultClicked : name of the notification

Rank : key

2 : value


If you need more informations, feel free to ask me more !


Have a great day,




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Glen,

I can think of a few ways to achieve this and which one would be the best to go with depends on what you actually want. A little bit more info though would be useful before giving any recommendations or ideas.

1. What are you using to develop the application? As in what kind of frameworks?
2. How will users view it? Is it a web app, mobile app, does it have some sort of desktop client?
3. Do you want the user actions to show up in user sessions to track the entire user experience or do you want to just log individual actions without user context and/or turn them into a metric?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @Glenou 
Here I can understand your pain point. What I can suggest you with the given data here is, 
You are trying to build Dashboard in your application based on the data from Dynatrace. 

First, to build a dasboard you need to get the data out from Dynatrace. For that you can use Dynatrace's rest api. 

Second, you are trying to get user session data out. In this case, you need to use RUM API that exists in Dynatrace to get the data. 

What Dynatrace returns is in JSON format and you can write a logic to extract the required data from that captured JSOn after making API call. 

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