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Support for "SAP Crystal Server 2016"?


We have a team that wants to deploy Dynatrace Managed to a "SAP Crystal Server 2016" server. I am not, however, sure whether Dynatrace has any ability to monitor this product. In the supported technologies page I see no reference to it. There is a reference to support for "SAP JVM" and "SAP ABAP platform - Preview" - its not clear to me, however, whether these have any relationship to the "SAP Crystal Server 2016" product. Can somebody tell me whether this product is supported and/or whether we would expect to be able to get anything other than OS and process monitoring if we deployed an agent to the Windows Server on which it runs?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi Jeff,

SAP Crystal Server is a Software that was acquired by SAP in 2007 (I think). Originally this was called Crystal Reports which was owned by the Company Business Objects.
I do not know for sure but SAP surely didn't change the Technology Crystal Server runs on, so likely the Crystal Server still runs on Java (probably SAP JVM by now) and uses standard technologies/frameworks. As such I'm pretty sure that you can monitor Crystal Server with Dynatrace, including full PurePath features.
Eventually there are some JMX beans exposed to get internal metrics, or you might need to identify additional request attributes/request naming to make the most out of it.
Bottom line: basics should work, just give it a shot by installing oneagent and restarting the server 🙂

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That is good news. Thank you very much for the information!

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