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TV streams on Digital experience monitor


Can we monitor the streams in our application that broadcasts TV?
We want to include it in the rating in the user experience section.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I dont see why not, If you cant deploy a oneagent on them, you can also do agentless injection with the Javascript code that you'd need to inject into the header of the application or into the streaming service. 




We monitor our application with the automatic injection method.

In the old AppMon time, the streaming summary could be opened in the User Experience Monitoring section.

Dynatracete is there such an option?


I am guessing you mean the old streaming API module that tracked how much of a video was watched?

If yes, this has not been ported to dynatrace and there are no plans currently to bring it back.

Your message did bring back some old memories though, because I implemented that as part of my Master Thesis about 11 years ago 😉

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