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The usage for dtrum.enterAction is unclear


We are trying to leverage the Dynatrace API to instrument our application to better track user activity using RUM. In the sample for dtrum.enterAction it provides the following usage as an example: dtrum.enterAction('add dynamic image', 'add image', null, 'info') . From the example in the API Samples, it appears that we would be able to provide additional level of tracking for the action, but in Dynatrace we don't see this value. We only see the value of custom action. Is there any way to see the additional details provided by the enterAction call actionType or Info parameters in the Dynatrace UI or API?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

In general, the dtrum API docs needs improvement. Also arguments for other methods are not well documented.

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I have essentially the same question and need to know what the parameters to enterAction mean. The first parameter is fairly obvious, but I have no idea what actionType or the other parameters should be set to... In my case I want to use this call to start a timer for a user logon event... can somebody clarify what the paramters are used for, or at least whether the following would make sense?

dtrum.enterAction('LogonTimer', 'Logon', null, 'info');

The full method signature found in the documentation is: enterAction(actionName: string, actionType: string, time?: number, info?: string): number

It would be nice if the documentation was available via the main documentation set... I found a link to the limited documentation that is available previously but now cant re-locate it...

In our implementation we used the enterAction to mark the start of the duration of the action, and used LeaveAction to mark the end of the duration. The times Dynatrace captured for when the time occurred seemed accurate so we didn't use the time parameters for the methods.


HI . I want to use enterAction to indicate a 'change page' event. I see the signature as:

actionName, actionType, Time, sourceUrl, sourceTitle

So... if I am on a page with a url of /welcome and there is an action on that page that I now want to capture as URL /welcome/newPage (although the page doesn't really change.. SPA issues)...

What is the enterAction syntax I need to use?


The example has:

dtrum.enterAction('change page', 'timeout', null, 'info');

Do I replace 'info' with the changed URL?

you should put new url in change page because this is action name change page: newPage. Info is type of action.


Regards, Sebastian

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