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Transitioning to Dynatrace/RUM from AppMon/UEM


My application has the following set up: users on the internet visiting our site will be load balanced to four web server instances and from there will be directed via WebSphere plugin to ten different application nodes. We also make use of a CDN (Akamai) to help with faster response times via cached content. In AppMon, I had agents installed for the JVMs on each application node, and for UEM I had web server agents installed on all four web server instances.

Flash forward to now, where I am moving from AppMon to Dynatrace. I have installed OneAgent on all ten application hosts, and enabled RUM in the application settings in my SaaS tenant. I see user session data coming in. I have NOT installed OneAgent on the web sever hosts, however. I refrained from doing so to avoid high bandwidth on our CDN (Akamai).


Am I missing anything (like more accurate RUM) by not installing OneAgent on my app's web server hosts? Should the OneAgent's JS auto injection on the application server hosts be sufficient? How do I make sure I avoid increased bandwidth for our CDN with user monitoring?


Thank you!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I do not understand impact for Akamai related to OneAgent. Agent is not doing anything special with your resources served from CDN, it’s not downloading them again. Agent is only measuring what browser is doing, so those Akamai rerquests you have now will stay on the same level.

Installing Agent on WebServers as well is good idea because then you will have full scope of transaction trace. Now you will not see sessions and transactions that stuck on wevserver because of, for example, wrong workers configuration.


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you for the clarification!

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