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USQL does not provide all elements that is present in export feature


We are trying to write USQL to get exactly the same set of fields that we are getting through export feature for the usersession data model. We did create a support ticket and ticket number is SUP-22930. The ticket is closed stating that currently the public API documentation is incorrect and also that the USQL does not provide all the elements that export feature provides. We are pretty much interested in the 'errors' element in the usersession model. But we would also want every other element that export feature sends out.

It is very disappointing for the following reasons.

1. The API documentation that there is in your website is showing incorrect information which is something I have very rarely seen in any of the previous vendors we worked with.

2. It is an expectation that whatever is available through the export feature will also be available through USQL feature, now that it is not the case, we are forced to have a API gateway setup and pull this data through export feature only. This will deviate our regular workflow of how we ingest data from different vendors. We are reluctant to build out this piece separately just for dynatrace.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

1. The API documentation has been taken care of. We apologize for this

2. If you query for the JSON you will get the same data structure and content as for the export. So you can do "SELECT JSON FROM usersession" to get the same data as in the export

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