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Use Oneagent as a beacon endpoint to monitor Mobile RUM



My customer have a AppMon, but in few days they are want to migrate to Dynatrace. So in the AppMon, they monitoring Mobile UEM, that to send the beacon is using the URL of web server like this example

Below is the configure of AppMon

Dynatrace is different to monitor Mobile RUM, in the documentation is to monitor Mobile RUM need cluster activegate with public ip. But in this case, my customer can't give public ip to cluster activegate server. But I found the doc that can be alternative way to monitor Mobile RUM, this is using oneagent as a beacon endpoint. Here is the link :

So when I implement mobile RUM, is it correct to put in the instrumented web sever ?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have it working in the context of an internal custom application. I had some issues that were solved in the thread below. Given what you said, it should work, given that is monitored by OneAGent in full-stack mode.

Antonio Sousa

So there is nothing issue when I have not a Cluster ActiveGate with public IP right ? I just want to confirm, because oneagent will installed in the web sever, the web server is using IHS.

Yes, no configuration need if oneagent is running, it will just use pass that information to the Managed cluster. Be sure to get the application IDs right.

Antonio Sousa

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Muhammad,

You are currently using version 7.2.x of the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin. You have to upgrade to version 8.x, when you migrate to Dynatrace. Fortunately, version 8.x of the plugin is compatible with AppMon 7.2.x. Therefore we recommend, as first step, to upgrade to version 8.x. This documentation section provides an overview on how to upgrade from version 7.2.x to version 8.x.

The main different in the plugin configuration between Dynatrace and AppMon is, that you have to use the property "beaconUrl" for Dynatrace instead on the AppMon property "agentPath" as shown in this example.

Putting the value into the "instrumented web sever" form, will only change the Gradle snippet in the "Instrumentation wizard" page. You still have to copy this Gradle snippet (with the applicationId and beaconUrl value) into your build.gradle file

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the answer btw, I just want to confirm when I have not a Cluster ActiveGate with public IP, it still can monitor the mobile RUM with instrumented web server as endpoint beacon like in the doc right ?

Yes, the web server agent will forward the monitoring data.

Hi Thomas,

I have done instrument hybrid application with dynatrace cordova plugin, I try using oneagent as beacon endpoint. The native action is recorded to the Dynatrace UI, but for webview action is not showing.

Is there still any possibility to monitor webview side with oneagent as beacon endpoint ? because when I see in the javascript inline code, there is pointing to the cluster activegate, in this situation my cluster activegate doesn't have public ip

FYI @Thomas B. do you know if this is already supported?

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