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User Action Name Rule with the help of domain

I have an application that is serving multiple countries, henec different domains.

Instead of group them to different individual application, I group them under one application.

Now the problem is many 'duplicate user actions', that I need to make them meaningful:

Somehow I can't seem to utilize action-naming-rule to achieve this (at least, in the drop-down list of options I don't see the option to use domain name).

Anyone has any idea or suggestion to try this out? I want to append/prepend the country name to the user action name, or any other way that can make it distinctive.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can create naming rules based on the full URL

But Dynatrace does by default split user actions based on the domain. In the user action lists you should already see the same user action name, but with different domains.
If the different domains are handled by one application and if makes technically no difference if a user action is based on domain A versus domain B - I would recommend to even turn off the splitting by domain.
Our AI based problem detection works better if you have more traffic per user action and it also helps to focus on performance and errors based on the technical stack.

If you want to split by domain because of some usage analytics use cases then you can perhaps use the new user session properties which are currently rolled out. We will also introduce user action properties very soon for adding additional custom information to user actions in order to filter and compare them based on this meta information.

I guess I know why my preview doesn't work, because there is no user action in the past 12 hours or so.

Would this be the reason my preview for the rule is empty? how far back of data does it need to let me able to preview the result of my action-naming-rule?

As you can see, I need to

a) Know the countries of the user action

b) Know the user action is or

Since there are two requirements, one rule just seems to not able to achieve this.

Anyone has any smarter way to do this? Because as you can imagine, even if I can work around, I would have to create many rules (not to mentioned I would create one set of rules for Load Action, another set for XHR action)

Best Regards,

Wai Keat

Hi Alex,

I still find that I couldn't work around it yet.

The situation I have is:

1. In one domain, I can have multiple user action name.

2. But then those multiple user action name also has the exact same name in other domain.

So you see, in Thailand domain, I can have 'loading of page A', 'loading of page B', 'loading of page C'. Then in other domain like Singapore and Malaysia, I also has these 3 action with the exact same name.

I can't achieve what I want because the user action naming rule only allow me to specify one condition instead of multiple

Anyone has any idea how can I achieve what I want, by using only one rule?

Unfortunately, I am not able to found a solution (and now don't have access to this customer's DT Managed anymore). The closest thing I come by is a solution I read for other forum post (that also has similar request), which is to use action-properties or session-properties and capture the domain, then use this properties to further slice-and-dice data within this one single DT appliaction that contains multiple domains

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