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User Session\Action API Get User count for application


I am trying to use the API to get real user counts per application. I have tried the following but it isn't matching what the console is showing. Can someone shed some light on this? It seems I am getting a fraction of the userids and some of the ones that are anon it is returning those as 'null'

select usersession.userid FROM usersession where usersession.userType = 'REAL_USER' AND useraction.application = 'My Awesome Application' GROUP BY usersession.userid



It looks like the API is capping at 50 rows.

I believe from my testing the maximum rows that can be returned is 5000. So, adding a "LIMIT 5000" to the end of the USQL request would be required.

Kind regards,
Joshua Pavlica

Yes I was able to get it to return the data although if I tell it to give me the count of userids in the query, the number doesn't match the user count from the User session console. I am thinking I don't have a filter or it is ignoring the timeframe filter because each time I run the query the number changes.

Query I am trying:

startTimestamp=1556733966561&endTimestamp=1556737361768&query=select count(userid) FROM usersession where usersession.userType = 'REAL_USER' AND useraction.application = 'My Awesome App' LIMIT 5000

Hey Robert!

The USQL and User Sessions API only work for completed/finished sessions, whereas the in-UI User Sessions page will also show "Live"/in-progress sessions.

If your timestamp is recent enough, this could be the reason why you are seeing differences.

Kind regards,
Joshua Pavlica

Yes, I set the startime to be 0 so that it will give me the last 2 hours and I changed the UI to show me the last 2 hours? I am trying to get the unique users that have access my website in the last hour. The same data that shows up when I click on the User Sessions in the UI. You are saying though that the API will only give me the completed correct? I am just trying to get a count of how many users have been to my website in the last 2 hours. So this would be the count of users that have completed sessions and current live users.

Live sessions are most commonly seen during the last 2 hours, so that is correct that the USQL results will be different by only having the completed sessions displayed.

Kind regards,
Joshua Pavlica

Is there any way in the API to get live session data? If I am only counting completed sessions, I am not really getting the true count of users that have been or are still on the website in the last 2 hours. The UI gives me this information.

Not using the USQL API, no. There is an upcoming improvement in the next quarter or so to include a "user count" for Web Applications via the Timeseries API. This might help with your use-case.

Kind regards,
Joshua Pavlica

Thank you for that information! What I probably will end up doing is just checking the numbers once a day at a time when there shouldn't be much traffic on the website. That at least will give me a good ball park of users that used the system during the day.

You're very welcome, Robert!
And sounds good!

Kind regards,
Joshua Pavlica

Greetings Joshua,

I'm currently trying to get the same exact data as Robert, I was checking the Timeseries API but I couldn't understand how this can be possible using it.


I was also reading and find out that there's an "extrapolationLevel" field that according to the documentation, it means:

The number is the denominator of a fraction and indicates the amount of actual data. The value 1 means that the result contains only the actual data. The value 4 means that result is calculated using 1/4 of the actual data.

How can I change this value in order to be set to 1 since I've tried passing it on the params request but it seems like it is not mutable.

Here's an example of my results:



import requests

headers = {
    'accept': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'Api-Token dt0c01.xxxxxx-xxxxxxx',

params = {
    'query': 'SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ip) AS \'distinct_ip\' FROM usersession WHERE (userType=\'REAL_USER\' AND (useraction.application=\'\' OR userevent.application=\'\' OR usererror.application=\'\')) LIMIT 1000',
    'startTimestamp': '3600000',
    'addDeepLinkFields': 'false',
    'explain': 'false',

response = requests.get('', params=params, headers=headers)





  "extrapolationLevel": 4,
  "columnNames": [
  "values": [


 According to my Session Query results, the "values" should be around 500-600ish


Can you please help me!



Yep I found where you can set this: The framework always applies an upper limit to prevent system overload. If LIMIT is not used, 50 results are returned by default.

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