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User count on a certain


Hi everyone,


I would like to show number of user who click a certain link. I know the

I have a chart based on next user session query:


SELECT userId, AVG(userActionCount), userType, AVG(duration), COUNT(*), SUM(totalErrorCount) FROM usersession WHERE IN ('loading of page /ewavweb/es/') GROUP BY userType, userId ORDER BY COUNT(*) DESC


I think, COUNT(*) shows the number of time that any user access to this action in a session, but it doesnt show how many users. Same user session could click action and COUNT(*) would increase


Thanks in advance



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would recommend setting conversion goal. Conversion goals are very simple to create and very useful to gain insights as the amount of users that do a specific action/qualify a specific goal.

Here is a link about conversion goals:


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You could also look at narrowing down your statement to just a "SELECT COUNT(userId) FROM usersession WHERE IS "<ACTION NAME>"


Thanks for your help Chad.

Unfortunately, I cant use SELECT COUNT(userId) because my Dynatrace configuration doesnt provide userId (its value is always null)

I set next conversion goal:

Action name contains /

In my dashboard this conversion goal looks like:

When I enter , I can see two user:

I think the data shown corresponds to number of session. In one of those sessions, user clicked two times link (user enter in the app, click link and close window and then enter and click again). In the another session, user clicked only one time.

Anyway this chart is very useful, but, do you know how to show chart above in my dashboard?



I dont think you can get the "users" displayed in that dashboard tile. I'd recommend tossing in a RFE/product idea for that feature


Dynatrace Keeps track of the users So that chart shows 2 users then odds are its true that two distinct users qualified that conversion goal. Now, If the user were to close out and delete all his browser data and cookies, then yes they will be viewed as another New User. Thats why when you go into user sessions, you can see it states "55 Users with 65 Sessions" that means some users opened up multiple windows with the same app, or returned multiple times and dosnt really inflate the user number


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