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User session duration last 6 month


Hello Community,


I know that the retention period for user session/user action is limited to 35 days.


Is there any way to have the AVR user action duration for the last 6 months. (API or Other).


Thanks and have a good day. 

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Not doing that for your specific use-case, but another one very similar. In our case, we are using the API to get the data and then doing some calculations and putting it back into Dynatrace into custom metrics. I would also imagine that you could do it through calculated metrics too, but not done it myself.

Antonio Sousa

Hi @AntonioSousa 


but the data with the API on user session cannot retrieve data before 35 days:

Look at the output 

  1. from 14/05/22 to 14/06/22
  2. select avg(useraction.duration) FROM usersession
  "extrapolationLevel": 1,
  "columnNames": [
  "values": []



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Yes, you cannot access it after more than 35 days have passed. And you can also inject data back only in the last hour. So what I'm doing is grabbing data each 5 minutes, summarizing it, and injecting it back in as a Custom Metrics. These Custom Metrics are available up to 5 years, although with higher granularity as time passes.

Antonio Sousa

OK Thanks @AntonioSousa 

So for the captured metrics, its too late now.


We should build the same process if we want to keep data (6 months or more).

Read data and reinject it in a Custom Metrics.


Thanks for your clarification and have a good day.

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In my case, I've installed an elasticsearch + kibana, to store the data for more than 1y.

With kibana you can then graphically average as much data from user session as you want.

Of course you cannot dump any detail data from user session before those 35 days.

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