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Vaadin Framework Support




coming from SUP-71650:


our main business application is based on the Java/Vaadin framework (frontend UI). Ruxit is enabled for the app and Dynatrace Agents installed on all infrastructure components (load balancers, nginx reverse proxies, openshift cluster).


Vaadin communicates with the frontend applications via "PUSH" XHR call, there are no visible URL parameters or paths. It uses long polling as well for async UI updates.


The problem is, that we cannot see behind the the PUSH call - we cannot see, what classes or methods were called and what other services were involved in the call.


We would expect to see the frontend method backtrace, the backend(s) calls, DB interactions etc. All we see is the PUSH call and its duration, that might be wrong as well (long polling).


Please, implement the direct Vaadin support.


Best regards,


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Miroslav,


I would first suggest trying these things (in the following order):

  1. Check that all detected frameworks are enabled in the application settings, as well as XHR and Fetch() support; then test the app and what is reported in Dynatrace
  2. You may have to customize the naming, because by default the XHR actions will be named just with XHRUrl. See create custom names for user actions.
  3. Finally, if you still do not see an improvement, and your app is using websockets, then you may have to create custom actions for the websocket requests. For more information on creating custom actions, see JavaScript API capabilities


Andrew M.

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