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WebSocket protocol supported by Dynatrace



our back-end Java app communicates with the clients (mobile apps on iOS and Android) over WebSocket protocol.

Would it be possible to get both PurePath and UEM in this case?

Or using ADK for instrumentation is the only way to go?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alex,

currently websockets are not supported by our mobile agents. You can however manually measure the timings. 

Would you mind sharing which rameworks you are using for Android and iOS?

Best regards,


Hi, could you elaborate more on how we can measure timings for websocket?

let say our framework is Android, is that all to monitor in websocket? (timings)



Hi, everybody!

Is there any news? And I'm interested in nodejs WebSocket connection, maybe something is comming?

In general websocket usage differs between various applications. Depending on your particular use case:

  • if you are interested in tracing (server-side) - use opentelemetry (preferred) or OneAgent SDK (simple to use, deprecated in favor of opentelemetry)
  • If you need to track websocket communication from the mobile / web / custom applications use the appropriate SDK (mobile/ custom) or the RUM JS API (web applications) and create either user action, or  report requests or other data. This needs a design and understanding of your application and it depends on what you need to achieve.
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Currently the only option to report ws(s) is by manually instrumenting those request on mobile app side. This allows to report the clientside view of the request, but linking to service calls is currently not supported for non http(s) protocols:


iOS help:

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