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What are the exact definitions of the Action Duration Contributors?


We are trying to identify a performance issue between various vendors responsible for aspects such as pc's, network, SaaS. We need to define perfectly clearly what the contributors to some of the poor response time spikes are before we start pointing fingers.

We only have agentless capability, ie. the javascript inserted in the html on the SaaS platform.

Could someone please express exactly, in technical terms, how Dynatrace defines "Server consumption", "Network consumption", "Document interactive time", "Action duration" including the timing points it is using to provide these.

I've provided a couple of screenshot examples.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Sorry for the delay of the reply. Because of vacation time, your question got lost. We are mainly using the browser navigation timing values to calculate those values. see the processing model chart (

  • Action duration: (loadEventEnd or endTimeOfLastXHR) - actionStart
    • actionStart = navigationStart for pages loads or "click time" for XHR actions and user navigations like a button click or click on a link
    • endTimeOfLastXHR = if XHR calls are triggered during the process and are not finished before loadEventEnd then the end time of the last XHR call is used instead of the loadEventEnd time
  • Server consumption: responseStart - requestStart
  • Network consumption: (requestStart - actionStart) + (responseEnd - responseStart)
  • Document interactive time: direct from the W3C nav timings

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