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What is DTXCommunicationsManager?



I'm having an issue with the implementation of Dynatrace on iOS. In the last few days I wasn't able to see anything in the dashboard from some schemes. It seems that it only logs information from my "dev" scheme. This used to work and I'm not sure what has changed because the configuration of Dynatrace hasn't. I've noticed some errors in the logs, but couldn't find any information about them. Does anyone know if the below logs might have anything to do with it and how to fix them? Thanks!

I'm getting this in "dev" which logs activity:

[DTXCommunicationsManager.m:1206-21007-5] Error during status request
2018-10-25 12:24:50.340136+0300 Cards[15669:317050] [INFO] BBStatusChecker: Status response cached from the server at: [server]

And getting this in "test" which doesn't log anything:

[DTXCommunicationsManager.m:393-11279-8] ### ERROR SENDING METRICS - comm in progress switch: 1



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

DTXCommunicationsManager handles the communication of the iOS agent with the Dynatrace cluster. This indicates that there are communication troubles and the agent does not get a configuration from the cluster and cannot send its data. To get down to the root cause of the communication problem we would need a more detailed agent log. Please open a support case an add the Xcode console log of of an Application run showing the problem (set log level to at least FINEST befeore: )

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