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What's the Difference between Page URL vs Source URL?


What is the difference between Page URL and Source URL?


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Wai Keat


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Whenever we correlate actions to belong together. I.e., when one action triggers another. Then we have a starting/triggering point (=source action) and an endpoint (=target action).

For example, when you click on a confirmation button on a checkout page then you often have a XHR action that triggered it (=source action), and usually either of the following:

  • multiple chained XHR requests that are triggered by the first web request (xhrURL vs. Top XHR URL), or
  • with the click you triggered a new Load action, where you, for example, are redirected to a confirmation page. Then you have a sourceURL, the URL where you finished the checkout process, and a pageURL, which is the URL where you ended up seeing the confirmation of your checkout process.

Such action chains/correlations can be best seen in the waterfall chart!

Hence, you can use the of "sourceURL" and "pageURL", or the XHR equivalent "XHRUrl" and "Top XHR URL" to properly name your actions in cases where such correlations happened.

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