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Why I can`t see web requests in Actions of users (dynatrace & mobile instrumentation )

Hello community!

After instrumentation (with android auto instrumentator) i can`t see in dynatrace web-requests in Users actions.

I know that in mobile App. uses okhttp3. It is supported by dynatrace.

I can see

  • Activity lifecycle
  • Crashes

But i can`t see:

  • User actions, such as button and menu item clicks
  • Web requests

But in top domains i can see requests:

In AppMon i saw such screenschot for another but same application. I want to see this web-requests in actions as i can see it in appmon:

In mobile application i drill down to some menu and get it. I can see requests in "Loading activities"

For current mobile application i get only this:

1) Why i can`t see web requests in actions

2) Why i can`t see user actions such as "Touch ON ____"




Auto-instrumentation properties : have default settings




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alexander,

Do you monitor a different application with Dynatrace or are we walking about the same application?

Is the okhttp3 library obfuscated?

Are the onClick methods defined in the xml layouts? Because the auto-instrumentor does not support xml instrumentation.

1) Why i can`t see web requests in actions

Standalone web request are currently not shown in the user session. A standalone web request is a web request, that can't be associated with a user action. In AppMon these web requests are wrapped inside a user action with the name "Webrequest(<host>)".

Most likely, these web requests are triggered by a background component. If the agent is not able to correctly assign the web request to user action, then you should adjust the configuration with the properties DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds and DTXAutoActionMaxDurationMilliseconds.

You should be able to see web requests in the "Loading ActivityJournalDemo" user action. Based on the timing of the "Loading MainActivity" user action, I assume that the agent didn't monitor a web request at this time point.

2) Why i can`t see user actions such as "Touch ON "

The auto-instrumentor works identical for AppMon and Dynatrace. If you are able to successfully monitor the user action with AppMon, then it should also be possible with Dynatrace. You can create a support ticket. Then the support team will look into it.

We have different applications.

The auto-instrumentor works identical for AppMon and Dynatrace

Thank you, it`s clear now.

I will try to change properties:

DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds and DTXAutoActionMaxDurationMilliseconds.

Is the okhttp3 library obfuscated?

I think this is reason of problem. I don`t know exactly. I have understood what i need to known from developer next.

Thank you, Thomas



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