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Xamarin For Android & iOS App Auto Instrumentation


Hello there, I am getting started for instrumentation of a mobile app which is based on Xamarin Android (and IOS). Wanted to know if auto instrumentation is supported on OneAgent SaaS and if not, is there a guide for manual instrumentation ?


Community Team
Community Team

Hello Rajesh!

You can find the guide for auto instrumentation for Android here:

And for the auto instrumentation for iOS, the documentation is here:

There is also a guide for manual instrumentation for Android here:

Is this what are you looking for?

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Hi Maciej, Thank you for the links. I found something which I was looking for was this:

Also, I am unable to find the below 3 settings:

  • DTXAgentEnvironment
  • DTXApplicationID
  • DTXClusterURL

Where can I find these, Please help.

On the page with advanced android settings you can find that:

"DTXAgentEnvironment - This key’s value is used to identify your environment within Dynatrace. Auto-instrumentation issues an error if the key is not present. Note: This key is deprecated. Use DTXBeaconURL instead."

"DTXClusterURL - The address to the Dynatrace cluster. The value needs to start with the transport mechanism to use (http:// or https://). Note: This key is deprecated. Use DTXBeaconURL instead."

Not sure about the "DTXApplicationID" though.

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

Thanks for link, Got It @Maciej N. !

DTXApplicationID looks like some GUID and beaconUrl is some URL hosted on 'https://*'

(added for reference)

Hi Maciej, Any reason why URL reads - 'legacy-documentation'? Is it going to be deprecated?


Can someone please help with API documentation (Objects, Methods etc.). I can't find anywhere 😞

Nuget Documentation is not helpful.

We are already aware of this problem. We are working on this. Problem with NuGet is that they have a limit for the length of the documentation. That's why we can only put in the most important stuff.


Followed this blog but getting error while running build. Error Screenshots: What's wrong :S ?

I have tried your exact example and it works for me. Can you open a support case and give me the test project? So I can try it 1:1 ? Thanks.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Rajesh,

here is an other version of the documentation that was too long to be uploaded to the Nuget repository.

Xamarin documentation.pdf. Does this help?

Best regards,


Hi Dominik, This looks good, I will share with the dev team and wait for their feedback.

Thanks a lot for swift replay!

Best Regards,


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