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anonymous users


After implementing the monitoring of a Flutter application, following all the paths in the directory and the necessary configuration points informed in the flutter plugin.

After the implementation and tests performed, the application is being monitored correctly, collecting the actions, some users remain with the anonymous status. Privacy has already been released for all users without the option to choose for testing purposes using the user opt-in true. 

I have already implemented it in other clients, but this one has the need to monitor all active users, in this case 100%, with some anonymous users this is not possible.

Only the first action is identified.


Loading...... (app)

After activating the Debug I identified that the oneagent is started normally but it does not collect the information and send it to the Dynatrace server.

Detail that 97% of users are successfully collected.

I've seen this issue in every application I've implemented monitoring.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

anonymous users are a result of not defining out a tagging ID schema - I'd review your Defined out application settings.


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