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how to merge Web app + Mobile App


We create one web application and then learn to create a mobile application. now we want to merge those applications into just one.

the servers are the same, web/app/db servers.... thats why we do not know if we can merge this?

thank you for your help,



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I don't think you can merge a web and a mobile application. Mobile apps aren't identified just by host/url like web applications.

That being said even in your case where backend systems are shared the application layer is the endpoint/channel that the user is actually interacting with so you would want to see these separately. Different applications can still share the same services, process groups, and hosts. This is why there is that separation of the different layers.


ty for your answer, then how can we identified the flow of action/requests from mobile to web/app/db?


Viewing a mobile app details page and selecting the Called services box shows you what services are called and selecting "View service flow" will let you see the chain going through the backend services to the DB:


i see, but we have not services available... i wonder why? maybe

there is some config that i have missed?

Not necessarily a config as out of the box it will work as long as you have OneAgents installed on all the hosts involved. It's more likely there is something external to Dynatrace interfering and causing the correlation between the application side and the services/backend to be broken (such as required headers being removed by a firewall or proxy etc...). I don't have much experience troubleshooting something like that in Dynatrace and I'm not sure if it would be efficient to use the forums for that regardless so I would suggest opening a support case to investigate better.

tyvm! you are truly a nice and helpfull person! stay like that please!

i will ask my support help for this case.


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