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is it possible to disable the mobile SDK remotely ?



is it possible to turn off the mobile SDK remotely?

For example, we implemented an mobile SDK and the user began to complain. Then the technical support administrators remotely shut down the agent.

Now many plugins for a mobile application work like this


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

you can turn of capturing in the Application Settings in Dynatrace, this disables data capturing for all agents for this app. This cannot be done on a per-user base. Also completely removing instrumentation is not really possible as (e.g. for Android) instrumentation happens during build time. If desired there is the possibility to manually shut down the agent or to manually start it depending on e.g certain user accounts, but the handling for that has to be implemented by customer itself as Dynatrace does not provide a per-user/per-device agent management.

Addon: please name plugin example that allows remote per-user deactivation

iOS help:

Еxample - Firebase permon (Firebase Remote Config )

If I understand correctly, then in this example there is a manual startup call for the Firebase SDK in the mobile app and it is only called if the Firebase Remote Config signals that.

In Dynatrace we currently do not offer functionality that is comparable to Firebase Remote Config, but - as Patrick says - in combination with the manual startup for Mobile OneAgent it would be possible to use any service that offers remote configuration functionality (or of course also your own server) to switch the manual startup on or off, depending on any config options that you want.

May I ask: in the initial post you state "the user began to complain. Then...shut down the agent.". Does this mean that an individual app user (out of many hundred or thousand) was concerned about the instrumentation and the instrumentation was shut down for that individual user via remote config?

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