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Hi everyone, is there any way to check through the Dynatrace UI if we have the rights to use the RUM module. I'm asking this because none of my team know if we have the rights enabled.

I'm asking this because as far as I can see, we have almost 700 monitored hosts but I can't see a single application monitored...

Thanks for your time


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The easiest way is to ask in the built-in chat about your license.

Most likely you don't have DEM licences or RUM licenses (if you have old license model). Unless you turned off JavaScript injection, disable the default application or run your agents in infrastructure mode only, you would probably have at least the default "My Web Application". It also depends on your monitored services and processes.

If you are on Dynatrace Managed and you have access to the Cluster Management console, go to licensing and check there (DEM units or RUM units). If not, ask your Dynatrace administrator.
If you are on SaaS, then go to your account overview.

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