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page META tag as Custom properties



I see lots of info in the META headers, so can I also use things that do not start with "NAME"?

as an example:

<meta test="ABCD" dummy="1234"/>

can I use above?

KR Henk


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Dear @Henk S.

Currently you can define properties based on meta tags by providing the meta tag name.

So in your example, you'd use "ABCD" to capture the meta tag value in a property.

I still have trouble understanding your question can you maybe add one or two clarifying notes to make me better understand?



Hi Tomaz,

My impression was that you need a format like:

<meta NAME="ABCD" CONTENT="1234"/> , so you realy need the attributes NAME and Content.

In above example test and dummy are just keywords that will be used by search engines.

So I think this is not possible to use these keywords in DT, please correct be when I am wrong.

KR Henk

Ahh so your creating a session property/sting. So in essence if you want to get the value of a property in all the user sessions. For example, you want to capture everyone’s shopping cart value in you’re website, so you can supply the meta tag data to capture that value. Like the CSS selector “#cartvalue”


Ok now I got ya! Sry that I didn't see this in the first place.

Yes, you are absolutely right the meta tag needs to have the "name" attr. and the property based on it will also "only" return the "content" attr.




I don’t follow your question 100% but you can use anything you want for session meta tags. Let’s say you don’t want to list user names for security reasons. You could set the IP address as the tag but creating an event parameter on the pure path level, then at the application level, select the even parameter IP that you just created and it will display the ip as the user name.