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"rb_bf07095ysq" is called twice when browsing a Web page with RUM enabled


Hi All,

I have a question about RUM.

I browsed the web page with RUM enabled.

At that time I looked at the network information with Chrome's developer tool and noticed that "rb_bf07095ysq" was called twice.

In the Script tag inside the Web page, "reportUrl=/rb_bf07095ysq" was written.

Why is "rb_bf07095ysq" called twice?Are you calling twice to identify the start and end of page loading?

What does reportUrl mean?

I look forward to reply.

Best Regards,

Masahiko Enda



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The report URL is the endpoint for the RUM beacon which sends the captured data back from the browser. "rb_bf..." is exactly this beacon request for your application. The beacon is sent back asynchronous and the number of beacons which are sent back depends on the data capturing. Often you will see one beacon per page load and XHR but often there are more beacons. Reasons for more than one beacons are a lot of third party resources and therefore we split the data to two or more beacons. We also try to send the first beacon as soon as possible in order to have the first basic information very quick and minimize the risk of not getting the signal from the browser if the browser will be closed. And if the page is not loaded super fast, a second beacon is sent after the load has finished.
So to summarize: this is by design

I hope this helps, regards Alex

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