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reportValue not showing on the Dashboard



From my Android mobile application, I try to `reportValue` on some custom actions, but they never appear on the Dashboard. 

On the Waterfall analysis of my custom action, I can see the action name, I can see any reported errors, but I don't see any `reported values` section.

In my Kotlin class, I call `action.reportValue("label", "value")` right after creating the action. I also tried to call `reportValue` some times later, but I can't see them neither.

I even debugged the `DTXAction` object at runtime to check if my value was set in the object instance and that is the case, I can see the correct label and value in the instance. But as soon as the custom action appears on the dashboard, I can't find the reported value.

Do we need to do some extra configurations on the SDK side or the dashboard side to get them ?

Lib version :


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey rpanoyan,
The reported value will be visible on the waterfall screen in the section "Reported values". Based on your description, the reported value could have been discarded by OneAgent because of the user privacy settings. When data collection level PERFORMANCE is selected, then the user action is reported without its child values.
Otherwise, I would recommend to create a support ticket an attach the debug logs from OneAgent. Then the support team can determine why the data was not send to Dynatrace.

Indeed we set the DataCollectionLevel.PERFORMANCE on the configuration of the SDK. That's a good news ! 
We have to set
USER_BEHAVIOR to get the reportValues work, is this correct ?

Yes, the user privacy setting USER_BEHAVIOR is required.
Errors are considered performance data. Therefore you are able to see them with the data collection level PERFORMANCE. With the report value API performance and user data will be reported. Therefore, it is locked behind the  data collection level USER_BEHAVIOR.

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