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seHow to find number screen visited by user using Query user session?

Hi Team , 
I am looking for below user session data using "USer Session Query" page,

Number of Screens visited 
Average screens visited 
Top 10 / 15 screens visited 


Can somebody please guide how I can do this> which user session propery can be used?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @heramb_sawant,


So the number of screen visits are actually user action visits that each user performs within the application. For the number/avg/top screen visits can be fetched through user action counts. Please find the following document which guides you on how to use those functions

  •  COUNT(field), COUNT(*), COUNT(DISTINCT field)
  • AVG(field)
  • TOP(field, n)

Document -


Kind regards,

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