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send js agent beacon to cluster active gate

Hi guys,

Customer asks if there is a way to set JS agent of web application to send its beacon posts (AKA rb_) to cluster active gate?

All the different setting we have tried were unsuccessful and return http response 405 errors.

When we used JS agent from an agentless web application the beacon posts (AKA bf_) were sent successfully.

Is there a way to send rb_'s to cluster active gate?

Thanks in advance



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For change the beacon url you could use this:

I did it for an old employer where POST was being denied by the application server serving the JS since it had an internal ACL for returning POST.
Setting that to the beacon in the AG i was able to make it work, but i dont really recall what i did setup there.

Hi @Dante P.

That is the exact place in which we added the cluster active gate url, but all the rb_s got http response code 405. the question is that a bug or a feature (.i.e. CAG cannot deal with rb_s)

Thanks for sharing


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mmm i don't recall 😕 really. The use case was a OneAgent auto inject. I just check with people from the old org if the settings remain the same and it does, checking the API for web config i gather the info of what was done:


with that the original reporturl change from




in the appid _bs.js. I used the bf endpoin it seems. I might have try the rb_ and since it might now work i tested the bf also and that did work at the time.