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Associate exam marks and negative marks clarification

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Hi All,

I have small doubt on Association exam pattern.

How the marks are calculated ?

Do we have negative marks, if yes how to understand for which type of questions we have negative marks and for which type of questions we don't have negative marks.

Can somebody elaborate based on  real time Associate certificate exam??

Bit Confused on for couple of questions we have multiple answers, if we give one wrong answers what will be penalty.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


In the preparation section of the Associate certification, you have the following below. I have highlighted the part that seems to match your question:



Antonio Sousa

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@AntonioSousa , 

Thanks for the replay. 

Ex: we have 9 questions, For each question 1 mark total 9 marks.

Out of 9 we have 7 multiple Choice questions and Remaining 2 questions are Multiple-Response.

I have attempted 7 Multiple Choice questions but 6 answered are correct and remaining 1 which i have answered incorrected for that i will not get any negative marks right? so that i will get 6 marks.

For the Remaining  2 questions are multiple response,

1) like in screenshot 1 which i have attached. I have selected 4 checkbox which are right answers and 1 is wrong answer so that i will get 0.75 marks because i have selected one wrong answer(Correct me if i am wrong)

2) Like in screenshot 2 i have selected two check box which are right and also selected 2 wrong answers so that for this question i will get zero marks. 

So total for multiple choice out 7 i have attempted all 7 question but only 6 are correct 1 is wrong i will get 6 Marks(No negative for wrong answer if it negative i will get 5 marks)

For Multiple Response out of 2. 1st question which is having screenshot 1 i will get 0.75 and 2nd question i will get 0 marks. 


Total=6+0.75= 6.75

Negative marks will applicable for only Multiple-Response not for Multiple Choice, Is i am Correct ??

I have not added in percentage just to understand.





I understand it in this way. Imagine 100 questions and you need to pass 70.

If it is single answer, it is 0 or 1.

If it is multiple, every good selected is sum some percentaje, maximum is 1. Every bad selected is minus value, minimum is 0. I do not know how many percentaje sum or minus, good and bad answers.

Best regards

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

As @AntonPineiro provided in the screen shot all the questions will be right or wrong, Point or no point. EXCEPT the multi answer (Select all that apply) a very simplistic example: 

What Infrastructure metrics are seen on a host? (Select all that apply)

a - CPU

b - RAM

c - Disk

d - Network 


You would want to select every option in this case since  a-d are true. In doing so, you get 1 point for this entire question (Assuming there is 100 questions). Now lets say you forget to select CPU, there are 4 answers that are true which = .25 per each option. If you miss one of them, your score will not raise by 1 point, rather by .75 since you were wrong for not selecting CPU. 

There is a note, meaning you will not get negative points for having an answer wrong (This isn't Jeopardy) for all the questions in the exam you either get a full point, a partial point or no point at all. you cannot get a negative value in the point system. 

One Final example: Question - The global timeframe selector is on which following pages? Select all that apply:

a - Hosts

b - SmartScape

c - Services 

d - Environment Settings

The answer is A and C. and selecting those two will get you a full point. But as stated you cant get negative points A and C are both weighted as .50 thus giving you a 1 to your score card. So the other two, B and D are wrong. Now lets say you selected B and D, you will not get a -1 for a point value. meaning not only did you not gain a point, but you are in debt a point. This simply wont happen, rather the question will be marked as a 0 since there was no correct answer included.

I hope this helps. 


Frequent Guest


Ok thanks, 

Let me give my understand. 


 Imagine 100 questions All 100 Questions are multiple Choice and you need to pass 70.

I have addressed 100 questions and out of 100 i have 25 wrong answers. I believe i will get 75 Marks. Is i am correct ?. So that no Negative marks 🙂



Yes, I understand that, one question is not going to interfiere with another.

Best regards

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