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DT Pro Certification Prep Material outside of DT University


Hi All, 

Wanted to check if anyone know of any courses/trainings/material outside of DT University for preparation of DT Pro Certification written exam. 

I have gone through the bootcamps and DT uni material and think i need a bit more of boost. Any pointers would be welcome. TIA



Hello. I think the best material to prep is the professional bootcamp slides.I know it's a lot but most of the details are there. I would suggest not to get distructed here and there with other material, focus on the slides and try to remember as more details as you can.

Good luck!

Thanks Theo for your answer. But to be honest I found the slides to be a bit lacking as compared to the exam. I gave the exam once and missed by a couple of marks. But what i found that the questions in the exams were quite specific with respect to UI navigations links, configuration files and parameters (specially for DT Managed as I dont work on that now). 

Slides are quite good to cover the concepts and functionalities of DT platform and i use them , but i feel that more details specifically around the DT managed and the extensions etc would be good.


I would say that you need a good knowledge of the platform, using it at least a good bit.

And you probably have to have a good look at the documentation pages... They have a lot of details, and if you are really into Dynatrace, it's there that you should put your effort.

Antonio Sousa

Thanks Antonio. I kind of agree with you. My current approach is to brute force through the Dyna Documentation(specially for DT Managed)  and using my day to day experience for the SaaS features. 

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