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Distributing easyTravel across multiple machines

Community Team
Community Team


easyTravel can be set up to execute procedures remotely. This is done by having a non-GUI Launcher application executing on all participating machines, which creates a Master-Slave-Launcher setup. Communication then takes place via REST solely from the Master Launcher to the Slave Launchers.

This is used for two use cases:

  • Set up easyTravel to run on multiple machines in-house, e.g. for CI testing
  • Set up easyTravel to run in the Cloud, e.g. Amazon EC2


  • Master: The machine where you start the Administration Console UI of easyTravel
  • Slave: Any additional machine which starts one or more of the easyTravel Applications/Tiers



Overall the system will consist of multiple machines, each running a Master or a Slave node of easyTravel. There should be exactly one Master-node and a number of slave nodes.


ℹ️ Only one instance of Slave/Master can run on one machine at one time as they use the same networking ports and thus would cause conflicts.


Necessary steps

  1. Run the usual installation of easyTravel on all machines that should take part in the setup.
  2. Edit the script "startDistributed.cmd" on the "Master". This is provided as part of easyTravel under C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\easyTravel
    1. Set at least the correct hostname/ip-addresses for DTSERVER, WEBLAUNCHER and any procedures that should run on a remote box. Set an actual hostname/ip-address and not "localhost" for WEBLAUNCHER as other machines need to "call home" via this setting
    2. Sample settings:

      rem Specify where easyTravel WebLauncher is available 
      cd weblauncher
      rem Set the hostname/IP-Address of the machine where the 
      rem master-launcher is executing, 
      rem don't specify localhost here!
      set WEBLAUNCHER=stockhausen
      rem Set the hostname/IP-Address of the machine where the 
      rem dynaTrace Server is running
      set DTSERVER=dynasprint
      rem Specify where each procedure should be started
      rem use localhost for running it locally
      set FRONTEND=dynasprint
      set BACKEND=localhost
      set DOTNETBACKEND=dynasprint
      set DOTNETFRONTEND=localhost
    3. Start easyTravel on all Slaves via the “cmdlauncher.cmd” script that is part of the easyTravel Installation, look in C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\easyTravel
    4. Run the script “startDistributed.cmd” on the Master. Note: Only run this script on one machine, having multiple Masters will confuse easyTravel and you! Use "cmdlauncher.cmd" on the Slaces.
    5. In the Browser-Window that opens up, the same “Application Console” is available as in the normal GUI version of easyTravel, here you can start any of the available Scenarios as usual.

If it all starts up, you see the remote Hostnames/IP Addresses displayed for each of the remotely started procedures as follows:


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

 Thank you for this @Karolina_Linda 


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