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Dynatrace Associate certification


I am applying for the Dynatrace Associate level certificate. Can someone point me in the right direction to prepare for the exam? Should I watch all the videos in the University, stick to reading the documentation, or rely on hands-on practice? Is virtual training necessary to complete the associate exam? This will be my first certificate, and I have no idea how thorough I should be.

Thanks in advance.





Hello @Matthijs M. ,

I will recommend you to take below path :

1) Read documentation exhaustively from below link and accompany this reading with hands-on using Dynatrace free trial(15 days)

2) Cover all videos in university : this can be done basis your convenience as a mix up with hands-on and documentation reading.

3) Attempt the free mock test available (once in 24 hours) to get actual taste of the test.

4) Please keep a close watch on community forum discussions to give you taste of real life issues & their corresponding solutions(this is really effective)

Above 3 should be enough for Associate level certification as the exam intends to check :

1) user is aware of all features/dashboards/reports available in the tool from analysis/outcome & navigation point of view.

2) user is aware of all supported monitoring capabilities l.

3) some real life use cases (you should be able to cover those with free trial and your experience in present job)

I personally feel you can skip VILT and above should be enough for associate level exam.

Rest you can judge yourself with mock tests.


Himanshu Mor

Hi himanshu,
where can I find link to 
Attempt the free mock test available (once in 24 hours) to get actual taste of the test.

Could you please guide me to it.



Hi Matthijs,

Personally, what helped me achieve this and my favored learning approach was to start with aa document of my own noting what I have learned from each of the mindmap subjects, and including a screenshot of my own practical use of the feature.

Documentation, and hand-on activity are both necessary to give you the best chance of passing the exam. You do not necessarily need to have attended a virtual training session, but that also would be a very good route.


Good luck!


Can you give me an estimation on how long it should take to prepare? I have to make some time in between other projects then. Thanks!

Can the certificate be taken with 1 month preparation ?

Hi All,

Till how long this certificate is valid?



At the time I did it, it was valid for two years.

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