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Dynatrace Associate exam


Hello guys,

i've been using Dynatrace Managed for almost 4 years now and i was thinking on taking the associate exam.

Any advices ?

i still need to read on some topics like mobile monitoring because i've never had the chance to work on a mobile app monitoring. 

+ i've only used Dynatrace Managed never used SaaS.

Thank you in advance for all your advices.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


This thread might be useful.

Best regards

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I had really small amount of experience in DT at all (been working about 6 months) when I took exam. But I learned everything  from DT university and documentation. Also I used this:

Associate exam is not that hard 🙂 Hope it gonna help!

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I'm just worried about the SaaS part as i only use Dynatrace Managed and lately SaaS became very different, it's like ana entirely different platform.


All new features only available in SaaS, in relation to new Dynatrace, are out of scope (Grail, Notebooks, App Engine...). If they ask you something about SaaS, it would be available in Managed also.

Best regards

❤️ Emacs ❤️ Vim ❤️ Bash ❤️ Perl

OMG good news !

I didn't know that ! 

Thank you so much

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