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Dynatrace Exam Vouchers


How often does Dynatrace give vouchers for certification exams? I assume it does after bigger events like Perform but that's it? I'm just curious  😅

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I am not sure totally but maybe 1 or 2 times per year.

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they offer the vouchers in some events. the associate bootcamp, innovate and etc.

But you need to watch the whole event

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DynaMight Legend

If you attend Perform in person they typically have a certification room. The Certification room will be administering Associate Exams for all attendees. If you happen to have purchased a HoT Day, then you typically get a pro voucher as well. Which can be taken at Perform in the certification room. Granted if you cannot take the exams at the event I would assume they might grant you an actual voucher. 

During COVID when perform was only Virtual, they did offer vouchers for attendees that attended X amount of break out sessions etc.. However, I don't know if they are doing this anymore, but poke around on the pages to see if they mention how to gain vouchers. 

Also check with your Dynatrace Admins or even with the Account Rep from Dynatrace. Depending on your contract you could have some free vouchers included that you can cash in for exams. 

With these vouchers its important to note there is an expiry date linked to them. That date isn't just for cashing them in and scheduling a date. You also have to take the exam prior to the expiry date. So if the Voucher Expires March 15th, you need the schedule and take the exam Prior to the 15th of March, you cant pick an exam date past March 15th. 


I can confirm that if you registered for Perform In Person at the Aria, you will get an email stating that you have access to Exam Vouchers. they don't call out if the Pro Cert is only for HOT Day attendees as it has been in the past, but never the less if you registered for in person you'll get a free voucher: 




Now on their registration page it stated that you have to do a HOT Session for the Pro cert - but the text talks about 2023... so I'm not sure if the rule applies for 2024.... 




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Virtual Perform will not have vouchers:



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May i know when will they be offering vouchers for Virtual perfom or any other event?. 
Is there any way we can request for during the event ?. "
Thanks guys.

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