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Dynatrace certification methods



I'm working in a small monitoring team as part of Middleware capability for one of the companies that have a contract with Dynatrace to use this product as a 3rd party vendor, we will use it for our clients, but in order to get this business it is good to be certified. What is the path of the certification, watch and learn from the training, or participate in live events? How to get this 6 mounts mandatory work with Dynatrace? Is there some lab environment that we can use?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @silviya92 

It is not mandatory to have 6mo of work to go for certification. You can do it on day 1 🙂 Yet it will be really hard to do so as Dynatrace is quite big and covers a lot of areas - thus some experience makes it easier.

The best way is going through and video training for associate exam (general usage -> Full Platform:

Then go for hands-on live training (

You can test Your knowledge anytime with test Exam to verify in which areas You should expand Your knowledge before actual exam: 



Thank you Michal , will start learning !

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @silviya92, we've got a dedicated space in our Community that can be useful to you: Start with Dynatrace. Good luck on your learning path! 😊

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