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Dynatrace tool, setup & installation steps


Recently joined Dynatrace community, could you guide me please with Dynatrace tool setup, versions & installation steps?


If there's any link which talks about Dynatrace terms like AppMon, DC rum, Monitoring types and others supporting information - this would be helpful.



Hello Saurabh,

Your Dynatrace journey begins with OneAgent installation. Dynatrace OneAgent performs all tasks related to the monitoring of your hosts, processes, applications, infrastructure, and real user experience. OneAgent keeps you informed of each aspect of your application’s health and performance, tracking the response times of all service requests and user actions in real time and immediately raising alerts when variations to baseline performance are detected.

How do I get started? -
Downloads for Dynatrace Application Monitoring 7.0 -

For additional information -


Thanks Ramesh for quick response. I will start going through with the links you have provided.

Request you to please help with following:

a. Can please tell difference between synthetic monitoring, RTM, DC, APM, Gomez, Dynatrace web interface and other terms? Actually my client recently involved me in Dynatrace activities whereas he is using this tool from last more than 1 year so need some quick familiarity with all terms at first place. Hope you understand my stand.

b. Is there any certification for Dynatrace tool?

If required we can talk on phone as well. Thanks


You can find all articles in the web from definitions to knowledge base. I'm sharing some links for your support.

*Synthetic Monitoring -
*RTM - Real Time Monitoring, AppMon, DC Rum do support real time monitoring. This is not available with Synthetic monitoring
*Application performance management (APM) -
*Gomez was an older name or even still being used for Synthetic Monitoring. You create custom scripts to run tests for analyzing web performance.
*Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM) -
*Dynatrace Web Interface - the web platform of the Dynatrace AppMon. You can see all dashboards, purepaths etc on web platform instead of the application. You can share the web interface to your colleagues if they do not have the application installed.

Dynatrace AppMon Certification -
I don't think it is available in India. However, please search Google for more answers.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Saurabh,

If you want to have a quick view of all Dynatrace offerings, you can go to the page - see the "More support resources" section, where you can access Community pages for various offerings.

Here you can find a brief summary:

What's the difference between Dynatrace, Appmon, and DC RUM?

Best regards,


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