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EasyTravel generated visits not reporting to environment


My generated visits are not showing up in my environment. I think they are generating but not reporting to my site environment. Only my manual visits are showing. Can anyone shed some light on this? 


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper



As far as I can tell, there can be multiple problems 😞

I will assume that you have installed the newest version of easyTravel.


One thing to double check is to see of you have disabled the monitoring of the launcher - if you don't do that, then you won't see the RUM data. But in any case you should still see some traffic on the services. If you don't have any traffic on services then something is seriously wrong.


If you are using the new angular frontend then you might need to configure it to catch the correct data in the Application settings -> Capturing -> Async web requests and SPAs -> Angular and AngularJS.


If the problem is not one of these two, then I would need some more detailed information from you to help.

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