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easyTravel: Adjusting geo-locations used in generated UEM load

Community Team
Community Team

easyTravel provides automatically generated UEM visits so the resulting RUM data looks realistic. It uses a list of geo-locations and matches IP-Addresses to make the JavaScript agents detect the matching country based on the IP-Address that is included in the generated visit.

Starting with build 1840 of easyTravel, you can adjust the list of locations which the automatically generated visits in easyTravel use.


Steps to define new/changed locations

  • Download the original file geo.txt which contains the default geo-mapping for the generated load. (Alternatively, you can also retrieve it from the folder resources in the zip-file uemload.jar which is installed as part of easyTravel)
  • Adjust the mapping according to countries that you would like to use with sample IP-Addresses which are mapped to this country, unfortunately we do not have a list of such mappings for all countries as these also may change from time to time so you will need to look these up somewhere, e.g. by looking for IP-Addresses of well-known internet sites in that country.
  • The format for each line is 
  • Put the resulting file geo.txt into the folder C:\Users\<userid>\.dynatrace\easyTravel\easyTravel 2.0.0\config on Windows or ~/.dynatrace/easyTravel/easyTravel 2.0.0/config
  • Restart easyTravel to pick up the new file



  • The new file replaces the original geo.txt file used in easyTravel usually.
  • Multiple IP-Addresses do not increase the likelihood of a country being chosen.
  • Each time a simulated visit is generated, one country is chosen randomly
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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

great info, thanks @Karolina_Linda 


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