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easyTravel issue: "Agent is not available"


Hi Team, I could see "Agent is not available" message on some of easyTravel services which are running. "Agent is not available" message:



I have installed both Easy Travel and Dyna oneagent in same locations as below.


Also, receiving below warning in the console


I am launching easyTravel Configuration UI only.


Please help in mitigating this issue. Thanks much in advance.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Could you try reupload screens? I don’t see them. Forum script has some issues here sometimes.

but in general you should install OneAgent and then try restarting easy-travel processes.

you should see at least those processes connected to Dynatrace GUI. If you are using windows as a host you will have some extra .net processes.


Regards, Sebastian

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks a lot for your support. I have attached the screen shots here

Agent not running message.png

Installation location.png

console status.png

I would not suggest by this message, this may be related to AppMon. Those processes are instrumented by default with AppMon Agent. Installing OneAgent is disabling AppMon Agent and process may provide messages like you see. Check my screen from original answer and look into Dynatrace GUI. If you see processes working there, all is fine.


Regards, Sebastian

Hey Sebastian,

Really appreciate your support here.

I could see OneAgent SDK and CommandlineLauncher easyTravel processes missing from the list that you shared. Can you please help me enabling those processes?

This is because you are using GUI, I was starting up processes via command line. All is fine on your screen 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

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