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Browser Monitor (Not Loading input data)


I have a synthetic script, using a browser monitor. There is a step in this script, where I place a client's code and the client's registration is automatically loaded. This is occurring successfully when recording the script, however, when this script is executed in playback or by the robot, the code is inserted into the input, but is not loaded.






Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you try enabling 'simulate blur events'? 
Are there any other events triggered when you manually enter the code?


Synthetic SME and community advocate.

I've already activated it and nothing happens. When I enter the code, an API is called that searches for this customer and returns a dropdown list. The next step is to select this option and this occurs successfully if I press enter on playback.

That's great, thanks for the info. So it's likely that either an event is being fired, like keydown etc or it is using trusted events. You can find instructions for trusted events here. Can you try that first?


Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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