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Cut idle time out of the synthetic script


Is there anyway to cut idle time out of the synthetic script , and have actions occur more rapidly.

For example decrease the time between mouse clicks and key strokes.


In an older tool we use, IBM Rational Performance Tester


This allows the steps to run in rapid succession.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You might want to look at some aspects that might accelerate/slow your scripts:

  • Verify what type of validation you have for an action. You might not need to wait for all third party requests to complete, for instance.
  • Use of actions that might be slower. For instance, if you have a login page that takes your login/password and sends a XHR request, you might want to do it with Javascript, as Clicks and Keystrokes are much slower

Please note that in some cases it might be needed to be careful about the timings, because the script might misbehave because of that. So, I think Dynatrace is being conservative here, instead of being in a rush, which I believe is mainly good...

Antonio Sousa


Thanks, that sounds great


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