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Error when monitoring a payment flow with captcha with browser monitors


Hi all,

im trying to monitor a flow from a web application to pay bills but to acces to the payment method first users need to do a captcha. The browser monitors show me this error: 


 is there any way to bypass this captcha and monitor this flow ?


thank you all 🙂



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

That's the Captcha purpose, to prevent robots/ Synthetic. Unfortunately, you will not be able to bypass this, unless you program your app to skip this captcha for the Synthetic test only (using some request param/custom header/cookies).


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

Even thought i knew this, still on my process to getting to know the platform so i thought this could be done. Thank you for the fast help ! 

I also agree. Essentially that's the whole purpose of Captcha, to prevent synthetics and robots from accessing the app. Its basically doing what its supposed to do. If somehow it were possible to bypass this from Dynatrace would be a potential security risk since it would void its actual purpose. This has to be enabled from the application itself

Dynatrace Certified Associate

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