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HTTP browser monitor to check 4 requests


I have a browser monitor running for a URL, with a use case of "login" and "logout" with 11 synthetic events. This URL has 4 internal entry points, load balanced. What would like is the following:

  • Create one HTTP monitor including 4 requests, one for each entry point (using GET).
  • In case the 4 requests fail, the HTTP monitor would raise a problem. No problem should be raised in any other case.

Is this feasible? How?

Thank you.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi Damián,

I think that is not possible with Synthetics. But if they are only HTTP get request or something simple, maybe workflows? It this use case for latest Dynatrace / Grail?

Best regards

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Workflows are not possible as this is Dynatrace Managed? Maybe using post-execution scripts?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You can put all 4 urls into one HTTP Monitor, disable the status code check for each request and add your own check in the post-execution scripts which sets a variable. You can then check this variable in the last post-execution script and decide what to do. This is fine is the requests only fail with status codes but if they fail due to a network error, connection timout etc, the monitor will fail on that request. This cannot be overridden. 
You other option would be to have 4 HTTP Monitors and then use a metric event to check that at least one was successful

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Thank you Hannah!

I'll check you're suggestion.

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