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HTTP synthetic monitors not returned in API call



When trying to get all synthetic monitors via API: /api/v1/synthetic/monitors

only Browser type synthetic monitors are being returned, and none else. There are no HTTP monitors being returned in the API call even though we have some configured and are visible via the web UI.

Is this behavior on purpose?





I am not aware if it meant to return on browser monitor, but as per my understanding it should return you with HTTP monitor.

Can you try once to get specified monitor - You can pass monitorID of your http monitor to see what it results into -

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v1/synthetic/monitors/{monitorId}
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}{monitorId}

Also, I checked the POST API, from which we can create a monitor - From POST api we can also create an HTTP monitor.

Post API


Thanks @Akshay M.

Using the Web UI, I selected one HTTP monitor and one Browser monitor, their URLs were respectively:

HTTP Monitor: https://{environment-id};id=HTTP_CHECK-{random-string};gtf=l_2_HOURS;gf=all

Browser Monitor: https://{environment-id};webcheckId=SYNTHETIC_TEST-{random-string};gtf=l_2_HOURS;gf=all

So I obtained two monitorIds:

  • HTTP_CHECK-{random-string}
  • SYNTHETIC_TEST-{random-string}

I made two API calls to:

Hi @Harpreet D.,

HTTP monitors are not yet supported via the API.
We will release that functionality with the next update of Dynatrace. (164)

Kind regards, Philipp

Thank you @Philipp K. .

On that note, is there a planned date for the release of the next update, 1.164 ?

Hi Philipp,

We are running managed 1.202, but I cannot see this functionality?

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