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Housekeeping for Applications and Synthetics


Is anyone implementing auto cleanup of things in dynatrace such as applications or synthetics? Example, applications that have had no traffic within 180 days, deleting them automatically. Or synthetics that continue to run but are failing with no one addressing the failures. In large environments some things could get overlooked or completely ignored which we would want to address. If someone creates a synthetic for an application that was running but is no longer functioning (decommissioned) but they forget or just ignore the synthetic then why have that synthetic continue to burn up dem units? We would prefer to disable them automatically and let the team enable them if they find it necessary.


Just wondering if anyone is utilizing any scripts today with api calls being made.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@sivart_89, Great Question. I typically would do a monthly check to target Synthetics that active/inactive jobs and when they were last run. We also had policies to define how many locations and the frequency dependent on the environment. We also had a policy to purge synthetics that have been inactive for 180 days or more, unless an exception was provided, say for a "Voice of the Customer" survey that runs 1 month out of the year. 

Same goes for applications, granted it doesn't impact your billing as much, but its good to keep a nice clean environment.


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