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How to automatically tag Synthetic monitors


We are looking at creating TAGS to groups our synthetic monitor so that we can manage access and alerting for specific synthetic monitors.

Are there any ways that would allow us to create an automatic tag rule to group some synthetic monitor with specific names ?




Hi Alain,

To manage access to Synthetic Monitors, you can create a Management Zone with Rules that apply to Synthetic monitors (i.e. browser,external, HTTP monitors) that contain a specific name in the Settings -> Preferences -> Management Zones. For tagging automatically, Synthetic Monitors is not an option in the Rules currently. You still can tag manually using the Bulk tagging feature by filtering on Synthetic monitors and searching on a text that all your synthetic monitors' names contain and tagging them with your custom tag. Please feel free to create an RFE for automatically tagging of Synthetic Monitors here.



Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

To avoid confusion for anyone who comes across this post in the future, I'd like to add here that this can now be done via automatic tagging rule.


This can be done via Automatic Tags.

I would recommend you have staff stick to a naming convention. for example: Environment - Application - Service. You could then leverage regex to dynamically tag these hosts. We have submitted a RFE for the regex portion.


Hello everyone,

We also would like to be able to create auto-tagging rules by the Browser/HTTP Monitor Name. Does anyone have a link to the RFE for this enhancement so I can up vote it?

you can automatically tag synthetic monitors. are you having an issue with that?


The issue i am having is that i would like to create an auto tag rule that is based upon the leading characters of the monitor name like I can do with a host group name using regex. ie: something like {HostGroup:Name/^(.*?)_.*?$}. But since there is no property to use for Web and HTTP monitors it doesn't work.

Ahh yes, thanks for the clarification. The RFE is marked as planned but feel free to toss along an up-vote as well!


Great, thanks for your help.

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