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How to localise a particular url

I would like to localize a particular URL which is on a host that is not monitored by Dynatrace, but still some managed traffic pass throught it. I would like to isolate that URL for monitoring purpose.

Just for information I'm using dynatrace managed.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You have to find service Request to unmonitored hosts. There you have to find uri that is interesting for you. From this point you can create custom network device based on this uri and name it. In such case you will see separate service that contains request to unmonitored host filtered by this uri.

When you will be in this service click on View requests.

go to bottom of the screen and apply filter on uri you want to make separated.

On right top extend ... menu and click create custom device.

Then you have to check if all fields are inserted properly, you can change device name for your own. and click Create custom device. That's all. Be aware that custom devices are deleted if there is no traffic for 72 hours.


Regards, Sebastian

There is actually a better option, however available only via API at the moment. See this blog post for details.

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