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How to stop alert when ADO deployment is going on?

I have inhouse web app which shows services status "Green" for all environment.

I have added  dynatrace synthetic monitoring to alert if any service status is "Red".


There is a scenario- where service status goes "Red" if deployment (ADO) is going on.


Is there a way where I can setup maintenance window if deployment is going on?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@roushan_kumar1 yes this is possible. So you could build into your CICD Pipeline the ability to post a Maintenance window to Dynatrace via API that will suppress the run of the given synthetic monitor. This will allow the DEV Teams to set the start and end time of the maintenance window any time they plan to do a release all without a need for a Dynatrace Admin. 

Otherwise you can also create these Maintenance Windows via the Dynatrace UI, target the synthetic job, set it to not run the synthetics during the window, then define our your window duration. 


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