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Monitoring Oauth2 site with Synthetic Browser ClickPath



We have not found any way to monitor a Oauth2 SSO protected web site with a synthetic browser clickpath monitor. The majority of our internal sites are configured with SSO.

Anyone has successfully done that ? Any ideas on what can be done to achieve this ? Are there any ways to execute a monitor in the context of a logged in user ?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Isn‚t there option to allow script to follow through redirect? In such case script should be able to follow to s and come back. In such case you should only capture cookie with oauth token. I’m not synthetic expert but should work in theory.


Regards, Sebastian

Hello everyone,

We have same kind of requirement where OAuth is required for Browser clickpath but as its doesn't have we are stuck with our major product launch. As Sebastian mentioned, if there is a Redirect available from HTTP to Browser it will help us a lot


Hey @Alain Z C. As of right now SSO is not fully supported with Synthetic monitoring. Keep an eye out for release 183/184 that will feature a solution for that!

I'd love to share more on the details of it but i cant. 🙂

Thanks Chad! that's good news, I'll keep an eye out!

Any docs already available on this new feature ?

No official documents yet as it might end up being delayed. All internal docs for now.

If you feel that this was a quality answer, don't forget to mark it as "the best answer" and reward us with points! 😄 😉

Cheers Alain!


Good news, the Credential Vault is now available in the latest cluster version


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