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Private Location - synthetic browser- debug options


Trying to debug an issue with the proxy device and we are trying to get the header information sent by the request. Any thoughts on if there is a debug option that will spit out the header info to a log file and the log file location what will help debug synthetic browser based transaction test




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

is this an internal or external synthetic? Assuming that it is an internal synthetic, you could always review the logs on the activegate performing this synthetic. If this is external, id open a support ticket for further assistance with this.


ahh the question states "Private location" then yes, you will need to review the logs on the activegate that is performing these synthetics



Hi @Moses C.

the first question is .. what is the error?

In my understand you set up the activegate. So i think:

  • you can access the installation log on the disk
  • you can telnet from the machine to the destination

Before Proxy I suggest checking installation. This was my case.

all chromium packages are installed as expected? maybe you miss a library because not available in the repository or the version is not the requested one.

It's a dedicated Activegate? (suggested)

So I suggest you start a clean installation and look to the screen and log for error. After the proxy, it's base on your environment

Speaking about Proxy all depends on your proxy security policy.

  1. You use User/psw ? you need to set up in the config file (check it twice ..
  2. You don't use .. maybe machine Ip must be authorized on Lan (firewall rules)
  3. Proxy use PAC for auto-configuration ? this is a different story
  4. Security drop all .. check with them and ask include list



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If it's in Linux Activegate, you could get it out from Chromium.

In my case, I also have private locations and I have resorted to capturing traffic through tcpdump. Nowadays, almost all traffic is encrypted, but if not, that is probably your easiest solution...

Antonio Sousa

@Antonio S. It is a Linux activegate. You mentioned "you could get it out of Chromium" How do i go about doing that? any tips

You can do a lot with Chromium. There are several options, take a look at It's better to do it in Linux than Windows, because in ActiveGate/linux you have to install/update Chromium by yourself.

But the usual logs will not get you the header information. Your best option will probably be to wrap the invocation around the option --log-net-log, but beware it can grow very, very fast. Other options are available here:

I have done this a lot in other circumstances, but not with Activegate. I would consult with your Dynatrace contact first, though.

You can also click the reward link 😉

Antonio Sousa


my organization is switching to Zscaler - so there is no more proxy. There seems to be a call to google and google api right when the browser is launched for synthetic browser transaction. I am trying to find what are the headers for the call. Or better yet is there a way to turn off that call.

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