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Synthetic Browser Monitor & RUM session

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Do Synthetic monitor sessions get recorded by Real user monitoring as well?

I have a unique situation where my browser monitors are running in DT_LOWER tenant but using the production application URL. My production application servers and RUM is monitored on DT_PROD tenant. I don't see an option for synthetic users, and I can't seem to find the synthetic sessions on RUM in DT_PROD, the only user type option available is real and bot. I have also tried finding these sessions in DT_PROD RUM using IP address of my synthetic session device but couldn't find them.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Synthetic really also uses the same Javascript to monitor as RUM does. I have a similar case where I monitor synthetics from one Dynatrace environment, while there is a RUM monitoring in another tenant. Synthetic measurements don't appear as RUM sessions though.


Antonio Sousa

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Thanks for confirming Antonio

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